10pcs Tarragon Seed Artemisia dracunculus Seed


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Scientific name: Artemisia dracunculus
Color: Green
Origin: France
Full-bloom Period: Summer
Fruit period: Autumn
Height: 60cm
Weight: 10g
Usage: Salads, cheese, sauce, salad sauce, soup, butter, vegetables
Feature: Is frequently used in French cuisine spicy sauce, leaves the soaking liquid is rich in vitamins A, C, iodine and mineral salts, increase appetite, help digestion.

Cultivation techniques:
Tarragon has strong viability, fast growth, high water requirement, in the water on the soil of moderate growth is very tall, not resistant to salt.

Package Included:
10 x Tarragon Seed

Tarragon Seed

Artemisia dracunculus Seed

10PCS Tarragon Seed