50pcs Oregano Vulgare Vanilla Spice Vegetable Seeds


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Scientific name: Oregano Vulgare
Color: Amaranth
Germination time: 7-12 days
Ripening time: 80-90 days
Sow to bloom: 90 days
Full-bloom Period: Summer
Germination temperature: 20 – 26 ƒ?Ÿ
Growth temperature: 18-35ƒ?Ÿ
Space: 15*15cm
Height: 20-40cm
Weight: 10g

1. Contains rich active substances, each 1 g leaves contain anti-aging essence SOD (superoxide dismutase) 187.80 micrograms, is the highest content of vegetables; High content of aromatic essential oil, bitter principle and tannins.
2. Can diuresis, promote appetite, improve digestion and sputum, antibacterial.
3. Generally, western food, use the dry ground into powder, is an indispensable part of western food seasoning.
4. Flowers can be used to treat colds, headaches, stomach pain, neurological diseases, to ease the fatigue.

Cultivation techniques:
1. It likes sunny, warm and well ventilated environment and fertile, drainage good cultivation medium.
2. Pinch off flower buds when they start to grow. These will reduce the flavor of the oregano.

Package Includes:
50 x Oregano seeds

Oregano Vulgare

Vanilla Spice Vegetable

Oregano Vulgare  seeds