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Description :
3 of them are easily create by dyeing.
Beautiful combination of spirituality, natural beauty and a taste of the exotic.
Spring is coming, these flowers have bright and beautiful colors and are easy to plant in your garden.
It includes chrysanthemums and roses, seems like two unrelated flowers.
Rose will make great contribution to the couple in the significant days such as lover's day.
Chrysanthemums inject a splash of colour into the transitional period of season.
The only reason why they combine
is to create a colorful garden for romantic you.

Specification :
Color : Rainbow color (Mainly red)
Function : Beautifying
Season : Multi-season repeated bloom

Cultivating Difficulty Degree : Very Easy

Sowing Method :

Put seeds into about 40ƒ?Ÿ water for 24 hours.
Put seeds into very wet sands for germination. (Generally it take more than 40 days.)
Move it into soil after it sprouts.
Germination temperature : 20-25ƒ?Ÿ
Germination time : 40 days
Growth optimum temperature : 10-25ƒ?Ÿ

Package included :
1 x 30Pcs Meteoric Shower Rose Seeds
1 x 20Pcs Rainbow Chrysanthemum Seeds
1 x 200Pcs Dark Color Rainbow Rose Seeds
1 x 200Pcs Bright Color Rainbow Rose Seeds