Garden Hand Chain Saw Steel Alloy Trimming Saw Outdoor Portable Saw


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Description :
This is a pocketable hand chain saw.
It is an essential survival tool for camping, hiking, backpacking and all other outdoor sports.
It is also a good tool for home and garden use. Cut wood quickly and easily.
Great survival tool for cutting wood to make fire or shelter in an emergency.

Specification :
Size : 950 x 14 x 2 mm
Teeth space : 11mm
Material : Steel alloy (Blade), Plastic (Handle)

Feature :
Gather fire wood fast
Light weight and portable
360-degrees of flexibility
Steel alloy blades durable and long-lasting
Easily remove fallen limbs, clear fence lines with ease
Comfortable handles, easy to locate and easy to use

Package Include :
1 X Garden Chain Saw

chain saw

garden chain saw