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Dear customer, the blade of grafting shear have been updated. Now the blade with black is made of SK-5 High Carbon Steel material which will be more sharp and durable. The pictures and video below still show silver blade, but specific please in kind prevail!

Different from the traditional knife cutting, use this grafting tool, very closely to act on the anastomosing interface, high efficiency.
Soft the branchlets also can be grafted. Suitable for the diameter 3.5 – 13 mm of branches.


Specification :
Weight : 485g
Total Length : 20cm
Opening size :15cm

Blade Material : SK-5 high carbon steel
Grafted branches diameter : 3.5mm-13mm

Feature :
High survival, fast speed.
Can be use for 1-2 year old branches.
Easy to take the rootstock cut and the scion anastomosing U type, healing rapid.

Easy to use and quickly. engraft than traditional save 40% time and energy.
Improve grafting speed, simple operation, cut the branchlets at fast speed.
Reduce production cost,improve competitive products.

Grafting machine apply to fruit, tree, seedlings engraft, easy survival than use general grafting knife, improve 10% to survive
Overcome the manual operation technology insufficient, provide a convenient grafting technique, cutting face smooth, scions and root cutting surface match perfectly
Package included :
1 x Engraft Grafting Tool
1 x Black Blade 
Warm Note :
1. After each use, it should be wiped away the resin on the scissors with the a little bit oil of the cloth.
2. Can't grafting mikie, old branch , hardwood. Recommended for soft tenderest branches, easy survival.
3. The blade is very sharp, if use undeserved, it can cause serious bodily injury. As with other tools, the product should be put beyond child's reach.
Seedlings Engraft Grafting Garden Tools

Seedlings Engraft Grafting Garden Tools

engraft grafting tools

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