PUT ME DOWN Reminder Sign Gesture Bathroom Toilet Seat Sticker


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The PUT ME DOWN Sign Gesture Toilet Seat Sticker is humanized remind sticking in toilet.
Very suitable for hotel,restaurant and any public occasions or even at home.
Simply peel and stick on smooth surface will not fade or run when wet.
Can be easy applied to any clean, smooth, flat surface.
Decal will come with 3 parts – the backing paper, the sticker itself, and the transfer tape.
Material: PVC
Sticker Dimensions:220mm x 67mm

Package Included:
1X PUT ME DOWN Sign Toilet Seat Sticker (with transfer tape)

Using Guide:
Step 1: Peel the transfer tape off it's background, apply the tape onto the sticker paper,
Step 2: Peel transfer tape off again, you will see the sticker is on the tape now.
Step 3: Apply the transfer tape onto desirable object (Your toilet etc.)
Step 4: Rub over with a card with pressure,and then remove application sheet slowly.

When applying the sticker please ensure the surface is clean and dry.