Red Plastic Garden Watering Cans Pressure Sprayer Plant Watering Pot


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1. Pressure sprayer is by working pressure. Be sure to tighten the bottleneck and to pump up a few more air into can, If no pressure after pump up air, that must be not sealed bottleneck and to squeeze.
2. Garden watering can can be used for watering flowers, hospital, school, or family disinfection.
3. After the use of garden watering can, Be sure to looser the bottleneck of watering can, let's the air out. It would be affect the service life of nozzle under high pressure for a long time, and then the nozzle of garden watering can will be water leakage.
4. Pressing the sprayer not water or not fog under pressure, Adjust the elastic copper nozzle, Tighten for fog, water column shape is a column of water if to looser watering can.
Handle material: Plastic
Nozzle: Plastic
Total weight: 63g
Capacity: 1L

Total size: 18.5*7cm
The bottle length: 14cm
Nozzle size: 10*7.5cm
Pumping rod total length: 19cm
Package Included:
1 X  Garden watering can
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